HOW IT WORKS is designed for people who need an item and plan to buy it, but would like an opportunity to pay less for it. You can bid in an auction to get a discount on the item you wish to buy. When you win the auction you do your own shopping. We provide auctions on nationally available items priced at $100 or more.

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To participate in auctions, you must become a member of There is an annual membership fee of $50 but it is waived if you have a Fee Waiver Code. Fee waiver codes are available from members who sponsor you and from other sources.

To bid in an auction, you must have bidding tokens in your account. Use the Bidding Tokens link in the home page or in your account to obtain tokens. Once you have bidding tokens, participating in an auction consists of three simple steps.

1. Locate an item on which you want to bid and JOIN an auction on that item.

2. Enroll in the auction during the enrollment period using the required number of bidding tokens.

3. When the enrollment period ends, bidding starts. Place your bid to lower the product cost and start your timer. You win the auction if your timer runs down to zero before another bidder places a new bid.

Each of these steps is explained in more detail below.

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All bidding is done with bidding tokens that you may purchase. Kyrano has three tokens?

You may buy Gold tokens at $0.10 each.

You may return unused gold tokens to Kyrano for a full refund.

Silver tokens have a value of $0.10 each.
Silver tokens are available from Kyrano as prizes. You may also buy silver tokens in auctions at less than face value and use them at face value. Silver tokens can only be used for enrollment and bidding. You cannot get cash refunds for silver tokens.

Bronze tokens are used to refund the gold bidding tokens you used in a refundable auction if you did not win. You may use bronze tokens to bid in another auction. Bronze tokens cannot be used for enrollment, and you cannot get cash refunds for them.

When you enroll in an auction, Kyrano automatically uses your silver tokens first. When you bid in an auction, Kyrano automatically uses your bronze tokens first, then your silver tokens, and your gold tokens last.

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Auction participants earn points that Kyrano awards. Points can be used to exchange for silver tokens. One point is awarded for each gold token you use. Double points are awarded for enrolling early in an auction.

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Kyrano does not carry products in inventory for sale to members. We provide auctions on products available for sale by various merchants. Many products are listed on our site, but if you don't find what you want, we'll be glad to add it. To suggest a product you would like added, click on the product category and use the link to suggest a product.

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Each auction starts with an enrollment period during which bidders sign up to participate in the auction. An auction cannot take place until a sufficient number of bidders are enrolled to enable Kyrano to offer a discount on the item to be auctioned.

It should be clear that Kyrano can offer a discount on the items in an auction only because each bidder enrolls in the auction with tokens that make up the discount.

The enrollment period starts when a member joins an auction by selecting an item. When enrollment starts, the auction is Tentative. Members enrolling during the tentative period are awarded double points. If a sufficient number of bidders have no interest in the auction, the auction may be canceled, in which case your enrollment tokens are returned to your account. When a sufficient number of bidders is enrolled to create a discount on the item, the auction becomes Active and your enrollment tokens are no longer refundable. As more bidders enroll in an active auction, the discount available on the product gets larger. The enrollment period ends at the time and date indicated in the enrollment page. A timer also indicates the amount of time left for enrollment.

The number of bidders in any auction is limited to ensure that members do not compete with too large a group of bidders. When the enrollment period ends, no more bidders are added to the auction. Only enrolled bidders can participate in the bidding.

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There is a 2-minute pause between the end of enrollment and the start of bidding. When bidding starts a timer starts counting down and the current discount is displayed. When the timer reaches zero the auction ends. To stop the current timer and replace it with your own timer, click on the BID button. If your timer reaches zero you win the auction.

Each bid requires payment of bidding tokens, as indicated on the BID button. Each bid increases the discount on the item in the auction. As bidding proceeds the cost of bidding may increase. For example, after a certain number of bids are made with 6 tokens, the next bid may require 7 tokens.

Given this example, a bidder who does not bid while six tokens must be spent may find that his next bid requires 13 tokens when the number of required tokens for a bid goes to 7. Because each bid contributes to the discount, to be fair to other bidders, a bidder who does not bid during the 6-token period, must make up for the missed bid. That same bidder's next bid after bidding 13 tokens would require only 7 tokens. The number of tokens you must use in your next bid is indicated to you on the BID button.

As bidding progresses the amount of time on a bidder's timer may become shorter. Bidding may start with 20 seconds on the timer, then decrease to 15 seconds, and later to 10 seconds, thus ensuring that the auction does not stretch over too long a time period.

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Kyrano auctions labeled as Refundable keep track of the number of gold bidding tokens you use for enrollment and bidding. If you donít win the auction, all your gold bidding tokens are refunded with bronze bidding tokens. You can use the bronze tokens to bid in any other auctions of your choice.

Some product auctions may be Sponsored, which means that a sponsoring merchant has agreed to discount the product on which you bid by the amount of bidding tokens you used if you did not win the auction. Sponsored auctions are risk-free because you recover the cost of the auction if you donít win and still buy the product.

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Bidders develop strategies to enhance their chance of winning the auction at the lowest possible cost. Registering early and bidding early at lower levels may offer benefits if the auction reaches a certain level without someone winning the auction.

Every auction offers a number of free bids. The first bid is always free. After the first bid, free bids are determined by a random number generator. For example, the 23rd, 37th, and 40th bids may be free in one auction, while another set of bids is free in another auction. If you happen to win a free bid, an announcement will flash on the screen.

During the entire registration and bidding process, bidders have complete control over their actions and have full information on the item's price, the discount available with your bid, the tokens required to place your next bid, and the time remaining on the current bidder's timer. You decide to bid based on all available information with nothing hidden, no surprises, and nothing depending on chance.

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It is not possible to predict how many bids will occur and at which discount level bidding will stop. An auction may end when the discount reaches 27 percent of the product's price while another auction may generate a discount of 82 percent. If bidding progresses beyond a predetermined number of bids without a winner, Kyrano makes available an INSTANT WINNER discount. This is best explained by an example.

We assume that bidding has started on a $500 product with a discount of $100. As bidding progresses, the discount increases, and by the time the discount reaches $240 there is still no winner. Now Kyrano announces that a bidder can become an instant winner by accepting a discount of $170. The instant winner discount is visible to all bidders, but it is available to the current bidder only when the timer counts down to some number, 6 or 4 seconds, for example. If your timer is not stopped before then, you can select the instant winner discount and the auction ends. Alternatively, you can wait for the $240 discount available if the timer reaches zero. Bidders don't know at which point in your timer the Instant Winner button will become active. Kyrano varies that point with each bid.

To become an instant winner, you must give up some of the normal auction discount. The Instant Winner discount is always below the normal auction discount. The Instant Winner discount increases faster than the normal discount, so that it approaches closer to the normal discount with each bid. Therefore, if the instant winner discount becomes available to you, you must decide if you want to win the auction by accepting it, wait for the larger normal discount, or wait for the instant winner discount to become larger. You must always keep in mind that other bidders are competing with you. However, when you place your bid and your timer starts running, other bidders don't know at what point on your timer the instant winner discount will become available to you.

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If you find that you will not be available to bid when bidding starts, you may assign a robot to bid for you. You must instruct the robot about the amount of bids the robot may spend, the minimum discount you are willing to accept, and the amount of discount you are willing to forfeit to become an instant winner. Your robot will use these criteria to bid for you in the most efficient manner possible.

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During the last hour of enrollment, before bidding starts, Kyrano makes available to all bidders a simple game made up of 36 numbers in a 6 x 6 grid. Each bidder has a different set of numbers. Every 12 seconds, Kyrano draws a random number and displays it next to your grid. If the grid contains the displayed number, you click on it to mark your grid. The first bidder to fill a row, a column, or a diagonal of 6 numbers wins some silver bidding tokens. The first person to fill the entire table wins a larger number of silver tokens. In case of ties, duplicate prizes are awarded. When one game ends a new one begins.

There is no requirement for bidders to play the game. It is provided with no obligation and at no cost if you wish to play. When bidding starts, the same game becomes available to all bidders again.

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Kyrano may decide to hold a free sweepstake in which silver tokens are awarded to winners selected in random drawings. All active members automatically participate in the sweepstakes. Active members are all members that have bid in at least one auction. Members who are registered but have not bid in an auction are not included in the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes are free for all active members.